Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Security Cameras in addition to a whole house alarm system is the best way to protect you and your family in 2013.

Theives are using new technology to try and steal from you so you have to fight back with the same tools that are available.

We can install the lastest technology security cameras around the perimiter of your home or business and this will allow you to record exactly what is going on and around your property.

These systems record 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

You can access the LIVE Video feed from any internet device, smartphone, computer

In addition you can also access the pre-recorded video files remotely and even download them from any computer or device anywhere in the world.

It is 2013 and the Security Camera Systems available are absolutely ridiculous.

Whatever you want to do, you can!

Our Trained Installation Experts can run wires anywhere in your home or business.

If some one tells you that “we cant do that”. Call us ASAP. We CAN!

If you have children and want to make sure they are safe while you and your wife are out for the night, we can install cameras anywhere, and connect them to your internet source so you can view cameras LIVE from wherever you may be.

We have installed cameras in the craziest of places. Ceiling Fan, Inside a doorbell, smoke detector, Fake alarm motion sensor.

No matter where you want or need a camera installed, we can install it.

Do not choose wireless cameras, you will not be happy with the video quality.

We have put a man on the moon however, we have not yet perfected the wireless video feed, so we recommend that you have all cameras wired with Cat5e cable for pure & crisp video picture. High Definition Quality.

Based on our 15 years of experience we suggest that you only have 700TVL Security Cameras Installed. The 700TVL is the resolution of the camera lense. Clarity of Video Picture.

We also recommend that for outside cameras you only have weatherproof, vandal proof, & a minimum of 48LED’s , Night Vision Technology installed.

Another great technology out there is WDR, Wide Range Dynamic. This removes dark areas like shadows and under eve darkness, which provides a much clearer & brighter picture.

Remember why you are investing in a security camera system, if one day some one decides to steal from you, your security camera will record it and the video footage will be crisp and clear enough to identify exactly who the thief is and convict them in a courtroom.

Invest the extra $ to make sure that you really are protected.

We hope that this information was helpful.

If you would like more information about Security Cameras, you can find it here.

Any Flat Screen TV in your home can act as if it was a Security Camera Monitor.

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