Can a Steam Carpet Cleaner Take the Place of Vacuum Cleaner for General Household Cleaning

Can a Steam Carpet Cleaner Take the Place of Vacuum Cleaner for General Household Cleaning

A steam carpet cleaner is a cleaning tool purported to clean just about anything. Vacuum cleaners are also touted to clean just as efficiently and effectively. What many people would like to know is if it is okay to replace a vacuum cleaner with a steam carpet cleaner for all things?

While both are efficient cleaning tools, one should not be replaced. They do clean but they also have their individual functions. A vacuum cleaner is supposed to be used first to get rid of dust, sediments, mud or anything specks in your carpet or on any floor surface.

Steam carpet cleaning is used for sanitizing your home. This is responsible for getting rid of deep-seated dirt and grime and for getting rid of all sorts of household germs and bacteria. If you have this in your cleaning tools, you can be assured that your children can play on the floor without worrying about contamination.

Although a steam cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner and a vacuum cleaner is also that, one should not go without the other. Unless you find a way to get rid of dirt and mud on the carpet, you can go without vacuum cleaners. You can just dust it off using a broom and just follow it up with a steam cleaning action.

Another option is to choose a steam cleaner with various brush heads included. There are brush heads that can steam clean specific things to remove the solid objects first such sand before it steams it.

Some people complain that steaming something soaks it through completely and using this kind of tool is kind of messy-which is kind of ironic considering that it is supposed to clean. If you have such a complaint and you are contemplating just using vacuum cleaners, why not just get a steam machine that produces less moisture. It produces what we can call as “dry steam”. It still kills common household germs and unseen threats without soaking your carpet or your floor wet.

If I were you, I’d get both. But if you have the budget for only one machine, you should seriously consider investing in a steam carpet cleaner. A good brand should include various brush heads for various purposes. A good brand also needs not to be expensive it can be cheap but it still has the most reliable features and functions. So get your own steam cleaner now and start having a cleaner and fresh-smelling home minus the germs.

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