Choosing Bathroom Lights For Safety And Style

Choosing Bathroom Lights For Safety And Style

If you want to look your best then you’ll probably spend a fair bit of time in the bathroom, but unless you have decent bathroom lighting you may not be seeing yourself in the best light. Literally. Designer bathroom lights can look fabulous, and add a very great deal to the overall look and feel of the bathroom, but when it comes to choosing the right lights for your bathroom it’s important to think about two things.

The first thing to consider is the look of the light itself. This may be a wall light, bathroom mirror light or ceiling light, and each of these types offers a whole variety of choice. If you have a bathroom with chrome based fittings, such as chrome taps, chrome towel rails and chrome handles on bathroom cupboards then it’s probably a good idea to consider opting for bathroom lights with a chrome finish. Nickel plated lighting offers a beautifully warm look, but it’s generally best to complement chrome with chrome rather than mix nickel and chrome together.

Another aspect to consider as far as the look of the bathroom lighting is concerned is the type of shade you use. Frosted glass offers a diffused light, which is both soft and very much easier to work with if you happen to be taking advantage of a little privacy and a mirror to carry out your ablutions and pampering. Spot lighting such as that offered from recessed ceiling lights, usually LED or halogen, can look incredibly stylish, and helps focus more light where you need it. But for lighting near bathroom mirrors a soft, diffused effect can work extremely well, giving you a more even light.

But the second aspect to consider when choosing your bathroom lights is safety. Clearly a bathroom is a wet area, and electricity and water are not the best of companions. Today however there’s a very easy system in use which helps you to quickly and easily identify the type of light that’s suitable for each area of your bathroom. So, for example, zone 1 is the wettest location, being around the bath and shower. Zone 2 is slightly less soaking, being just outside the immediate bath, shower and basin areas, and zone 3 is the furthest away from these sources of water. So if you’re looking for designer bathroom lighting to create a well lit bath or shower area, look for zone 1 lighting, and for bathroom mirror lights and designer bathroom wall lights, bear in mind you’ll need either zone 2 or 3

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