5 Ways to Improve Home Storage Solutions

5 Ways to Improve Home Storage Solutions

If you are into your home improvements, then you will be thrilled to know these hacks for increasing the storage around your house. Too many of us have nowhere to put things, or have shelves overflowing with things that we don’t really need. Rather than clearing away our clutter, we advise that you up your storage game and keep your memories safe. 

With this in mind, here are our favourite five ways to increase the storage space in your home, without having to break the bank.

The Best Space Saving Storage Solutions

We will start with shelving. You can never have enough of it.

1 – Shelves without Drilling

Putting up no-drill shelves is an at-home storage solution everyone has access to. All you need is some Sugru mouldable glue and the shelves you want to hang. Sugru sets into a sort of silicon that makes for an impossibly strong bonding agent. Using this remarkable stuff, all you need to avoid is squinted shelving!

Sugru is strong, sets for durability and is even waterproof. You can use it in the kitchen or bathroom just as easily as you might use it in the living room. This nifty trick is especially handy for when it comes to in-shower storage space. Hang a tray rack without damaging those tiles and never lose that soap again.

2 – Hooks for Hangers

Our next storage hack uses hooks as hangars. You can place these on the wall at your main entryways for an easy way to hang sneakers upside down to store and dry them. You can hang hooks in your kitchen to support your utensils, pots, and pans, or even your mug collection, and you might even use them in the bathroom for a place to hang your towel. Hooks are as multi-purpose as it gets and a pack of three is about a dollar.

3 – The Drawer Divider

If you think you are already organised enough inside your drawers, think again. The drawer divider is a little slice of wood that slots into your drawers and segments it all off. The segments can be filled with whatever makes you happy and, usually anyway, you can move them around to suit yourself. It may be worth refreshing your drawers or cupboards to get a few new ones with dividers.

4 – In-Cupboard Racks

You can add extra cupboard space to every one of your cupboards if you want to. If you don’t want to put hooks in there for your pots and pans, then use this tip instead. Over-the-door spice racks are wooden, or wire racks meant to sit on the inside of a cupboard door. They maximise the space you have available while simultaneously keeping things neat and organised. Try it for yourself and you will soon see that spice racks are for more than just spices!

5 – Hang it Up

If you can’t find the appropriate storage space around your home, then you need to look up. You can strip-hang things using specially cut pieces of Perspex, bars of plastic or wood, and a few hangers. Tealight holders look particularly good, as do planters and other ornaments, when you hang them up. Suspend them from the ceiling or an alcove for a fine finish that adds class, as well as giving you the extra storage you crave.

This point works with larger things as well. Hanging laundry baskets and suspended wardrobes or storage areas are becoming particularly fashionable. This easy furniture can be tossed in the washing machine and can easily be folded up and taken away when you move to a new house. If in doubt, suspend it from the ceiling… that’s what we say!

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