Do I Need a Home Inspection? – Real Estate Advice

Do I Need a Home Inspection? – Real Estate Advice

Most home inspections today run between $300 to over $1000 and sometimes you don’t really get your moneys worth. There are home inspection companies that guarantee, any problems that they miss will be repaired at their expense over a desired period of time, usually a year. It seems like, most home inspection companies are just inspecting the property and have no guarantees or liability from their inspection.

It’s not a good idea to buy or sell a home without getting a home inspection from a licensed home inspector. This is like having a second opinion from someone who is usually skilled in the process. I would like to point something out to unsuspecting, potential home buyers and sellers. Sometimes a home inspection company will get a little behind in their work and need to hire other home inspectors if these home inspectors don’t have any experience in the construction business or have never inspected a home before. In other words there fresh out of home inspector school. You might not get a good home inspection.

You can always ask the question, how long have you been in business?… How long have you been a home inspector?… have you ever worked in the construction business or have any skills in home building and remodeling. If the answers to these questions are satisfactory, it doesn’t mean, that they’re telling the truth and being sincere and could lead to problems later if they are lying to you.

Let me rephrase the question now, “Do I Need a Home Inspection” from an unqualified home inspector? Absolutely not. But how can you really tell the difference and is the report going to be worth the money that you paid for it.

What would you say, if I had the solution to your problem. How about a pre-home inspection, using a home buyers checklist? What if I could give you a check list with questions, that you could ask your home inspector? Some of these questions are not going to be part a regular inspection but should always be asked and make sure you get the answers to them, before purchasing the property.

Would you be interested now? What if I told you, for under $20, you could purchase a home buyers checklist, now for the tough question, this checklist could save you thousands of dollars and prevent you from purchasing a home with major construction problems or defects, and can be used on every house you look at.

Don’t buy a home without purchasing a professional home inspection checklist. These lists of questions can save you some serious headaches and stress in the future.

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