Securing your home with an alarm system was once a very cumbersome and expensive task. It had to be professionally installed, wires had to run everywhere. The optimal time for putting one into your home is when it is getting built or getting renovated.

Alarm installations were usually only performed by companies who sold their own systems, and had expensive tie in contracts for monitoring your property. But during the last 5 years the home security market has been severely shook up.

Thanks to online shopping giants like Amazon and the mass onset of online shopping, there are loads of DIY home security alarm systems for sale at very cheap prices. They are so easy to install a child can do it. Indeed some even have marketing videos where a child is indeed actually installing their systems.

Thanks to advances in wireless technology sensors can be installed all over your home without the need of any wires. They send signals back to the master control unit. Once a threat is detected usually by a door or window being forced open, or when motion is detected in a portion of your home where they alarm is set up, then the siren is activated.

You can choose to have your system monitored by a professional company. They monitor signals from your alarm 24 hours a day. Many systems can also detect if they are being tampered with or if the wires or phone lines have been cut. This is one reason for having a telephone line enabled, and a cellular enabled alarm system. If one goes down or is tampered with the other acts as a back up. Cellular systems work off the GSM network, the same as mobile phones and Sat Navs.

Once professionally monitored, if your alarm is triggered the monitoring company will phone you to check you are ok. They will ask you for a password, and if you give them the wrong code they will contact the authorities. You can also give them a fake passcode which they will know has been given under duress. They will play along with you but secretly contact the police. If your passcode is not given, or if your phone is not answered, they will contact one of the keyholders you have placed on your list, and also contact the authorities.

Professional monitoring can cost $19.95 per month and upwards. If you don’t want to opt for a monthly feee, you can choose a speech dialler instead. This is even available on some systems. It will contact you on the numbers specified, and/or send a text to the numbers specified if a break in has been detected.

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