Cowhide Rugs Misconceptions

Cowhide Rugs Misconceptions

Cowhide rugs from firms such as Hide Rugs are surrounded by a lot of controversies. Despite the fact that they can increase the beauty of your home many times over, there are still many false statements you will hear about cowhide rugs. 

These misconceptions deprive many of the chance to buy cowhide rugs and see the marvellous impact they can have on their homes. They come in many colours and are quite luxurious. 

While some concerns about cowhide rugs are valid, others are just plain wrong. The following are some of the misconceptions you will often hear about cowhide rugs: 

Cowhide Rugs Smell Does Not Go Away

A cowhide rug is a natural product that undergoes minimal fabrication. Therefore, it is bound to have a natural smell that some will not like. 

The smell of an animal is very distinct and incredibly hard to get rid of. However, to say that cowhide rugs have a foul smell that sticks with them for their lifetime is absurd. 

Tanneries will usually use potent chemicals to try and eliminate the smell of the cowhide rug. However, the odour of leather is potent but with proper care, it should be hardly noticeable in your house. 

Cows are Specifically Killed for Their Hides

Cowhides are typically gotten from dairy and beef production farms. You will rarely if ever, find a farm where cows are reared specifically for their hides. 

This misconception is one that hinders many people from getting cowhide rugs for moral reasons. However, their reservations are completely unfounded and false. 

It is incredibly difficult to monitor global trade and certain laws are bound to be circumvented. However, when you purchase a cowhide rug, you should rest assured that it is probably acquired by a tannery from one of the many slaughterhouses. 

Cowhide Rugs Are High Maintenance

If you have ever worn a leather jacket or good leather shoes, you know that you can wear them for years while they are still in pristine condition. Cowhide rugs and leather jackets come from the same source so it is absurd to assume that they have different characteristics.

Cowhide rugs are one of the animal skin rugs that requires the least amount if maintenance. A cowhide rug is also very durable and will retain its shape despite being trampled on repeatedly by your entire family. 

Moreover, you can easily and regularly vacuum, brush and clean a cowhide rug which will ensure its longevity. The rug’s hair will remain soft and shiny until it is completely worn out. 

Harmful Chemicals Will Be Brought into Your Home

Granted, a tannery will probably use some potent chemicals when making a cowhide rug. However, these chemicals will be very faint by the time the rug arrives in your home. 

With modern technology and chemical processes, there is hardly any harmful chemical residue left on a cowhide rug. They will be washed repeatedly and inspected to ensure that you get the least dangerous product possible. 

Therefore, you should get a cowhide rug if you want to and don’t be afraid of harmful chemicals. You can have the rug tested to prove it. 

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