What’s Your House Plan Style?

Whether you’re single, married or have a family, you have a lifestyle. Your house style should compliment your lifestyle so you enjoy gracious living everyday. Some people like to spread out while others enjoy being cozy and close. Other folks prefer to be right in the middle of natural, unaffected landscapes. Before you go shopping for house plans, consider what your house style is.

Do you like to live in a rugged environment amidst the wildlife, flora and fauna? Are you a person with a pioneering spirit who loves the great outdoors? A harmony mountain cottage home plan may offer the getaway you always dreamed of. Mountain cottage homes are actually built into hillside lots. Architecture and nature blend for a fusion of beauty and comfort.

In a mountain cottage home, you appreciate the rustic mountain setting with all the amenities you desire indoors. The interior floor plan can range from traditional to contemporary based on your personal preferences. When you step out your door, you’ll be right in the middle of a mountain or hill.

Are you a person who enjoys history, museums, antiques and old stories? Do you like a house with plenty of room and nooks to hide out? Review space saving colonial house plans to find your fantasy homestead. The original colonial American homes were built during the early 17th century. As the New World was developed, houses with clean, simple lines based on European design erupted across the land.

Over time, colonial homes were defined by region. In the South, colonial homes had higher ceilings so the occupants could stay cool because heat rises. Colonial homes in the North had lower ceilings to keep the residents snug and warm during cold weather. For awhile Victorian homes dominated the housing scene but colonial enjoyed renewed popularity around the time American turned 100 years old. This period is known as the Colonial Revival. Today colonial homes stand proudly across America and remind us of days gone by. Updated colonial homes are often breathtakingly luxurious. Multiple rooms, comfortable corners and lovely gardens make colonial homes a traditional choice for many.

Do you live a casual lifestyle and prefer to be surrounded by a few of your favorite possessions? Is coziness a top priority for your comfort? Do you have a slightly artistic flair? Check out bungalo house plans for simple, affordable living with everything you need. Bungalows are one and a half stories with most of the living space on the first floor. Usually bungalows have a low roof and very efficient floor plans. Some bungalows have additional comfort zones such as a sunroom or covered front porch. Because of its price and charm, bungalows are a first home for many Americans. Bungalows are so welcoming and warm, a lot of people decide to stay in them permanently.

Do You Prefer Traditional House Plans?

Individuality can mean a lot even when building your own home. When you are deciding what type of place that you want to build, the first thing you need to ask is do you want traditional house plans or are you going for a more modern look? Today, while many people prefer modern houses, there are still many who are sticking to the tried and true house plans of yesteryear. You will see many Victorian ones still being used, as well as variations on colonial house plans.

Traditional style ones for your new place can be found on many different websites. Looking at them on the internet will allow you to go over them at various times and compare them to other plans that you have seen. You will find various plans for a traditional houses, as well as different variations of each.

Victorian house plans are still very popular but there are some builders that are taking these types of plans and adding their own flair to them. This does not mean that it is taking away from the charm of the house; however, making modifications may give it that touch that the buyer wants.

If you are still not sure of the exact place that you want to build, then take a look at the homes in your area or the area that you are going to be building in. There will most likely be homes there that were built using traditional house plans. You can look at the different designs and decide if any of these homes will work well for you.

Look around your neighborhood, look at home building magazines and house plans websites, as this can give you an overall advantage to finding the home that you have been looking for. Take a little time and look around using these different ideas and you will most likely end up with the home of your dreams.

No matter which type of traditional house plans you end up using, it is important that you find the home that fits you and your family best. Whether it is Victorian house plans or if you decide to go with a more modern style, be sure that you are getting the place that you want.

You will be able to find lots of different plans on the internet and in home building magazines. You have most likely been thinking of building a home for a while, so don’t rush the process. Take your time and make sure that you get the perfect home for you.

Personal Expression is the Key to Enjoying Your House Plans

These days it seems like everything is the same and every home is even the same too. It is hard to tell the difference between one neighbor from the other. You probably feel the same way about yourself as well, thinking that your neighbors cannot remember you from the other neighbors. And when we get down to things we all want to be individuals and remembered for something, of course, only in a positive way! One way that we can become memorable is by way of having an unique and interesting home with attributes that our neighbors and friends can remember.

There are many different styles of homes that can really stand out in a neighborhood. You can even tailor a home to reflect who you are and what you want to say about yourself. You can use prairie style house plans to express the side of you that says down home good old fashion flare. You might even want to bring out the memories of Little House on the Prairie and those scenes of running through the hills. You may even want to run through the hills yourself.

Another style of home to express you would be having a home that is considered a country style home. You can use country living house plans to single out a house and create a living space that screams country living at its finest. A county house might have a great porch, and some beautiful reds and maybe some stone work as well. A country home is unique to a neighborhood that is full of drab, boring same old home after same old home. Changing the plans of a home can easily make it unique to the area and tasteful too.

On the other hand a completely different style of home that might be more conducive to living in the southwest or the south is a bungalow style of home. You can use bungalow home plans to build a home that is comfortable and extremely unique. The smooth lines of a bungalow and a small size can be very livable and comfortable. It might be rare to find a bungalow in most neighborhoods and building one can create a different atmosphere all together.

If you are considering making some changes to your life and want to live somewhere that is a little different and unique, then you should really consider creating a home that gives you a name and makes people remember you. You can purchase your own house plans and then change them to make them your own with your own style. You can choose to use prairie style house plans and feel like you can run through the hills and sing and dance. Or you might want to go with country living house plans or bungalow home plans and have a home that is also unique and makes you stand out and is truly all your own.

The Benefits of House Plan Websites

House plans websites are a great way for an individual to pick a place that will work well for their lifestyle. There are so many different websites concerning home building and each of their houseplans are laid out so you can get a very good idea of just how the home will look once it is finished, thus giving you the home of your dreams. Be sure not to stop the minute that you see something that you like. While the plan may suit your needs you may very well find another that will work even better. Be sure to shop around before making that all important final decision.

When looking online for home floor plans, it is important to know what type of place you are looking for. Are you looking for Victorian house plans or are you more interested in colonial house plans. Knowing up front what type of place you want to build will narrow down your search.

While this is a very good idea, you may actually end up finding something that you like a little better while you are online. If this is the case, then you will have all of the information in front of you and can do more research if needed.

While house plans websites are a wonderful way to find homeplans for your new home, another way is by looking at the pages of magazines pertaining to home building. There are several different publications that will give you plans to look at and allow you to see if you can find the place that fits you best. Once you have found your perfect layout, you will simply need to follow the instructions in the magazine and order the plans, so that your builder can begin construction.

House plans websites can give you lots of information concerning different home plans, such as contemporary house plans or perhaps a Cape Cod house design. Building a new home can be a very tedious yet exciting task and one that you will want to make sure you are prepared for. Sit down at your computer and check out the different websites available. Take your time and then make sure that you have found the home that is right for you. Once you have, you will be well on your way to moving in.

Turn Your Log Home House Plans Into a Hunting Cabin in the Woods

Today’s hunter is a man who likes to do things himself. He changes the oil in his truck because it is “his” truck, not Jiffy Lube’s. A hunter is a man’s man, self-reliant and capable of handling any task thrown his way. Thus, it should surprise no one that when a hunter looks to build his hunting cabin in the woods he will gather his own tools and supplies to make his hunting paradise a reality. What is interesting is that so-called hunting cabins are no longer without modern amenities. What was once a simple piece of shelter from the elements is now a place to relax, watch a game and swap stories about the one that got away.

As the hunter begins to create his new cabin he would be wise to research the various plans that are out there. Even though the true hunter is independent and will build his own cabin, he needs to make sure he has plans that are up to code and that will give him the comfort he desires after a good day in the woods. The traditional hunter will look to log home house plans because there is a nostalgic feel of being in a log cabin in the forest.

A hunter raised in the comforts of the city may look to small luxury home plans for his hunting retreat.
It may sound silly to use the word “luxury” when discussing a place in the woods for hunters, but even hunters enjoy many of the modern conveniences found in today’s homes. Plus, a good hunter is self-reliant, so not even building a plush home in the woods will be too difficult.

Some hunters will want a home that is part of the West. They will turn to bungalow style house plans because they love the idea of sitting on the front porch to watch the sunset as a perfect day of hunting comes to a close. Then, they will be able to move into a spacious living room to share a beer before heading to bed in one of the comfortable bedrooms. The hunter who values a cabin where he and his friends can comfortably socialize is definitely going to be swinging a hammer to build one of these original American homes.

If you are hunter looking to purchase home plans to start on your cabin in the woods, we encourage you to look into House Plans and More. The plans offered through this division of HDA, Inc. are top-notch, easy to read, and practical. You can find plans for all the houses mentioned in this article: log home house plans, small luxury home plans, and bungalow style house plans. Every hunter’s dream home can be found at House Plans and More. Grab your mouse and start hunting.