Interior Decorating Ideas – New Trends in Flooring

Actually, the trends in flooring have been pretty consistent over the years. Homeowners seem to like hard surfaces like wood and tile but the softer options like carpeting are also still very popular and gaining in popularity. Each approach has plusses and minuses, read on to learn more. Today we are focusing primarily on the harder options like wood.

If you think of your room as a six-sided cube, the floor will automatically become a part of the decorative scheme, serving as the anchor for everything which goes above it. Most (but by no means all) rooms have two floor coverings, one hard and one soft. The choice of a particular type of flooring is determined by how you plan on using the room. Hard floor coverings are divided into two groups: rigid and resilient.

Hard Surface Flooring Options

Hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms all call for particular types of floor coverings. In fact, every room in your house has a hard surface flooring, which is either rigid or resilient, depending on the amount of wear and tear to which the room will be subjected.

Rigid flooring includes both soft and hard wood, marble, stone, brick, terrazzo, and mosaic and ceramic tile. Resilient flooring, which affords a certain amount of springiness, includes vinyl tile, rubber tile, cork tile, and linoleum. Here are just a few of the options available to you:

Brick – Brick can be used with great success in country kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms. Brick is also excellent for the floor of a hall, vestibule, sun porch, lanai, or patio, as well as for garden paths.

Terrazzo – Terrazzo (poured concrete made with chips of marble) was developed by the Romans and used extensively by them in private and public buildings. It is practical for halls and bathrooms and for other areas which get a great deal of wear. Although not used today as often as it was 20 years ago, it is relatively inexpensive and very durable.

Mosaic and ceramic tile – Floors with mosaic tile use designs created with colored chips of stone, glass, or marble. In Roman times, mosaic-tiled floors also served as heating devices. Underneath the floor, there was a network of small canals through which, in winter, hot water was sluiced to keep the occupants of the house warm. However, you probably don’t have a canal under your home…lol

In recent years, there has been a renaissance in the use of ceramic tile due to new colors and patterns. Used formerly only in bathrooms and kitchens, tile is now finding its way into the rest of the

Hardwood floors – Nothing is more attractive than a large expanse of well-polished hardwood flooring, whether oak, maple, birch, beech, or pecan. The best approach for using hardwood floors is to stain them dark brown or brown-black. Dark floors are an ideal base for a colored carpet or an Oriental rug.

Softwood floors – Softwood floors of pine or other wood are usually found in older homes. Such floors are worth preserving, as they are not easily come by today. Keep them well polished.

The type of flooring you choose is going to stay with you for 10-20 years. Before you buy, or make a decision, make sure you do your research, weigh the pros and cons. And make a choice that you will still be happy with years from now.

Do I Need a Home Inspection? – Real Estate Advice

Most home inspections today run between $300 to over $1000 and sometimes you don’t really get your moneys worth. There are home inspection companies that guarantee, any problems that they miss will be repaired at their expense over a desired period of time, usually a year. It seems like, most home inspection companies are just inspecting the property and have no guarantees or liability from their inspection.

It’s not a good idea to buy or sell a home without getting a home inspection from a licensed home inspector. This is like having a second opinion from someone who is usually skilled in the process. I would like to point something out to unsuspecting, potential home buyers and sellers. Sometimes a home inspection company will get a little behind in their work and need to hire other home inspectors if these home inspectors don’t have any experience in the construction business or have never inspected a home before. In other words there fresh out of home inspector school. You might not get a good home inspection.

You can always ask the question, how long have you been in business?… How long have you been a home inspector?… have you ever worked in the construction business or have any skills in home building and remodeling. If the answers to these questions are satisfactory, it doesn’t mean, that they’re telling the truth and being sincere and could lead to problems later if they are lying to you.

Let me rephrase the question now, “Do I Need a Home Inspection” from an unqualified home inspector? Absolutely not. But how can you really tell the difference and is the report going to be worth the money that you paid for it.

What would you say, if I had the solution to your problem. How about a pre-home inspection, using a home buyers checklist? What if I could give you a check list with questions, that you could ask your home inspector? Some of these questions are not going to be part a regular inspection but should always be asked and make sure you get the answers to them, before purchasing the property.

Would you be interested now? What if I told you, for under $20, you could purchase a home buyers checklist, now for the tough question, this checklist could save you thousands of dollars and prevent you from purchasing a home with major construction problems or defects, and can be used on every house you look at.

Don’t buy a home without purchasing a professional home inspection checklist. These lists of questions can save you some serious headaches and stress in the future.

What’s Your House Plan Style?

Whether you’re single, married or have a family, you have a lifestyle. Your house style should compliment your lifestyle so you enjoy gracious living everyday. Some people like to spread out while others enjoy being cozy and close. Other folks prefer to be right in the middle of natural, unaffected landscapes. Before you go shopping for house plans, consider what your house style is.

Do you like to live in a rugged environment amidst the wildlife, flora and fauna? Are you a person with a pioneering spirit who loves the great outdoors? A harmony mountain cottage home plan may offer the getaway you always dreamed of. Mountain cottage homes are actually built into hillside lots. Architecture and nature blend for a fusion of beauty and comfort.

In a mountain cottage home, you appreciate the rustic mountain setting with all the amenities you desire indoors. The interior floor plan can range from traditional to contemporary based on your personal preferences. When you step out your door, you’ll be right in the middle of a mountain or hill.

Are you a person who enjoys history, museums, antiques and old stories? Do you like a house with plenty of room and nooks to hide out? Review space saving colonial house plans to find your fantasy homestead. The original colonial American homes were built during the early 17th century. As the New World was developed, houses with clean, simple lines based on European design erupted across the land.

Over time, colonial homes were defined by region. In the South, colonial homes had higher ceilings so the occupants could stay cool because heat rises. Colonial homes in the North had lower ceilings to keep the residents snug and warm during cold weather. For awhile Victorian homes dominated the housing scene but colonial enjoyed renewed popularity around the time American turned 100 years old. This period is known as the Colonial Revival. Today colonial homes stand proudly across America and remind us of days gone by. Updated colonial homes are often breathtakingly luxurious. Multiple rooms, comfortable corners and lovely gardens make colonial homes a traditional choice for many.

Do you live a casual lifestyle and prefer to be surrounded by a few of your favorite possessions? Is coziness a top priority for your comfort? Do you have a slightly artistic flair? Check out bungalo house plans for simple, affordable living with everything you need. Bungalows are one and a half stories with most of the living space on the first floor. Usually bungalows have a low roof and very efficient floor plans. Some bungalows have additional comfort zones such as a sunroom or covered front porch. Because of its price and charm, bungalows are a first home for many Americans. Bungalows are so welcoming and warm, a lot of people decide to stay in them permanently.

Kitchen Remodeling – Where to Start?

Traditionally, kitchen has always represented the center of family life, and symbolized a happy home. Even though at various times the center shifted from the kitchen to the dining room or other areas, nowadays, as in former times, the kitchen both as a functional space for cooking and a place to relax, is regaining its central position again in most homes.

Remodeling a kitchen can be made into a creative and rewarding experience for a homeowner. You have the opportunity to add functionality, increase energy-efficiency, and to set up a warm and cozy space for the family to get together. Whether you have in mind a complete makeover to create a great super-kitchen, or your project is less ambitious, you can count on adding to the value of your home.

Kitchen remodeling projects can range in extent and complexity, starting from things as easy as renewing window treatments, wall paint and flooring, and replacing the cabinets. Or you can create the gourmet kitchen with a family space that is very popular today. Whether you want to remodel your kitchen to increase functionality and comfort, or to reallocate the space to create a place for family life, you can do amazing things within any budget.

As with every home improvement project, it is good to start with picturing the changes clearly, with a budget in mind, and then proceed according to the plan. There is a lot you can do to give to your kitchen a new look and feel: kitchen cabinets, sinks, faucets, exhaust fans and tiles can be replaced or repaired; kitchen islands can be added or modified; curtains, lighting, backsplash, countertops, furniture etc can be redesigned and rearranged for the new look. It is good to start to by estimating the costs of the prospective remodel, and then make your plans to fit within your budget.

And finally, you have to decide whether you can handle everything by yourself, or you need to hire a contractor. This will depend on how big your renovation project is, what kind of skills and knowledge you have, and how much time you are ready to spare. The first possibility is that you can do everything by yourself. Many kitchen remodeling tasks can be accomplished by do-it-yourselfers. Yet there are many tasks that should not be attempted by a beginner who has no experience. Then, you may hire a professional to do only the parts of the kitchen remodel that you don’t feel confident about doing yourself. And thirdly, you may choose to have home improvement professionals do the entire work, while you sit back and enjoy the outcome.

Hiring a professional contractor for your home improvement

Your home improvement is not a very difficult task to fit a desired lifestyle if you are lucky enough to hire a specialist, talented, and reliable home contractor. However, many homeowners fail to efficiently renovate their homes, even armed with appropriate cash.

Home renovation basically means to modify your home so you can live more comfortably. Actually, the purpose of renovation is not very important, what is important is that this is usually an expensive affair. If you are a bit careful, you can renovate your home without spending too much money and also you can make it look more appealing after work is finished.

Home Contractors Direct will help you find a reputable home remodeling contractor for your home improvement needs. Improvements can range from renovating your entire home to just a small part of it.

The services offered include any or all of the following options: Home and interior renovations and this includes installing wallpapers, changing the wall colors, floor improvements, including wooden flooring or new tiles. Eco friendly renovations: introducing power effective and eco friendly accessories, such as solar heaters, electric chimney in your kitchen. Bathroom renovations which include remodeling bathrooms, changing of accessories, lighting, flooring and others. Also, external renovations contain changes that can be made to the garden and lawn, redesigning the garden. Basement renovations include waterproofing, creating basement ventilation or creating a room there such as a home office or a study room.

Spending money wrongfully in pursuit of a comfortable lifestyle is a mistake that no one can afford. It is advisable to plan your home improvement since the beginning very carefully. Finding a contractor that delivers custom home renovations will considerably increase your chances of achieving your dream home.

Customer satisfaction is finally achieved by paying attention to details and that means providing regular updates, transparent and inclusive costing of labor and materials, and effective teamwork with a kind attitude.

Home Contractors Direct responded to this problem, and was developed to provide all services of home improvement, from extracting the original idea in your head through to completion by a team of professionals. The home improvement plans are framed within your standard here.

The question remains, how about finding a firm that offers quality commercial and residential renovations services for a comfortable living? Home Contractors Direct residential and commercial renovations are brought as close as possible to perfection by providing innovative ideas and complete customer satisfaction.